November 2021 in review.

A quick wrap to keep myself in check re: monthly reviews.

Be aware this is a draft post — please adjust your expectations accordingly. Get in touch if this post could use an improvement.

Been a while I got a chance to write. I went home in late October and only returned late November. It was a decent trip, overall.

We celebrated Diwali after years together as a family. Later in the month, I cleaned up some old stuff that was collecting dust. It was good to have some memories flashing back in my mind. I also went for dinner with family.

For the most part, this month, I knew I’d be switching off from all of SocMed (due to personal reasons). That included Fosstodon, SmallCamp, Twitter, this blog, and pretty much everything except the bare minimum of my day job.

And lastly, I ordered a new phone. I’ll write about this later ™️, most likely in December, but you know how these things work out. It’s probably the my-new-phone feeling, but it’s gotten me to journal a bit more. I like that, but let’s see if it sticks.


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