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  • 📔 Note: ce­les­tial-link-checker

    Quick up­date on writ­ing a fea­ture for Celestial that I wanted for a re­ally long time - an au­to­mated link checker.

  • 📄 Article: I'm mov­ing from Atom to RSS 2.0 feeds.

    Intriuged by the 'Comments' links I kept see­ing on some en­tries in my feed reader, I added one for my ar­ti­cles. In the process, I moved to RSS 2.0 feeds. Here's why and my thoughts on the move.

  • 📄 Article: Behind the scenes: de­sign im­prove­ments to my site

    A user-ex­pe­ri­ence analy­sis for changes made to my site re­cently