Response: “Note-taking apps: Bear and Joplin”

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It’s interesting to me Will was able to move from Bear to Joplin and generally enjoys it as much as he did Bear.

I use and love Bear, and the closest I have to that with a more cross-platform-friendly constraint is Standard Notes, who also recently added regional pricing. Not to my surprise, though, as they were willing to offer economic difficulty discounts for a long time. All you had to do was drop them an email, but now it’s all automated.

Cropped screenshot from Standard Notes' pricing page, showing a banner that tells its prospective Indian customers about regional pricing available to them. In my case, it's India.
Pricing page on Standard Notes’ website.

Still, I’m not sure I can leave Bear just yet. I do have one eye on a migration to SN because Bear is, as Will mentioned, strictly Apple-only, and in the long-run, that is very much a “problem.”

What’s going to convince me SN is good enough is when their editors feel as polished as Bear’s do. My experience in the past with its editors has left me wanting for much more. Bear is also cheaper which is very high on my priority list right now.


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