I was able to spot early signs of burnout, and requested a day off.

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This is a part of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

I recently requested to take Friday off from work to rest and recover. I did not imagine I would be feeling that much better at the end of these three days.

What led to the burnout was working for eleven days straight, including a weekend in between. I was obsessed with learning Python and Django during this period. That went well… I feel like I’m at a good point with it.

It was a good call to push myself when I had the momentum. Sometimes I get in the zone, and I think recently, I’ve been trying to exploit those moments.

This is not the first time I felt burnout. But I was able to spot it very early on because of my experiences from the past, and quickly take an appropriate action.

I watched a few movies, had some long chats with my roommate over tea and snacks, and spent time away from my screen whenever possible.

A note on my 100 days to offload challenge… I let my perfectionist self get in the way again. It’s been a while I wrote. This note post is also a way to get back on track. Here’s hoping for better days. 🥂


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