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Past Client Feedback

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Pam Beesly from The Office (US).

Ru deserves a recommendation, but I’m unhappy as I write this because I fear it will lead to her moving away from my company for an amazing opportunity I can’t yet provide her with.

She considers herself a generalist, but the work you get from her would make you assume whatever aspect you had her working on was her specialty. She adapts to new technology with ease and hops in and out of different projects, in different languages, as if she had been working on them from day 1.

Not only that, but she can turn ugly projects into a work of art and complex projects into understandable projects, with detailed documentation.

If you take her away from me, I’ll hate you.

Joseph, Owner, OkayRelax

Ru has been a great help in fixing the mobile dashboard UI for Plausible Analytics. Now it all looks and works beautifully on all the different mobile devices. Thousands of people using the product now enjoy the work that Ru has done for us.

Marko Saric, Co-Founder, Plausible Analytics

Ru has been an integral part of our development team, working tirelessly for excellence. She has proven her ability to think of best practice as well as applying herself as a developer and as to what is best for the user when reviewing UX and UI.

She is accurate with her timings and thorough with her questioning to make sure what she is working on is correct first time, and really embeds herself into the project goals.

Oh, and as for her work, it’s fantastic! She’s a great asset to have on the team!

— Spike Bowen, Senior Producer, Mediablaze

What it’s like working with me.


I have generally enjoyed agency with my clients and offer them a full view of things — good or bad. No mucking around from me just to get my billings up.


I prioritize business objectives over my personal growth. You won’t get resume driven development with me. I want to pick the tools that would do you good long-term.

Unfortunately, a natural off-shoot of this value is that I do expect paid-for time and a bit of patience from you while I pick new tools up.


Mental Health.

As a workplace, I think we are a good fit if taking mental health days off is easy.

Work-Life Balance.

I work hard when I’m at work.

On most days, I consider it rude to call me into the office outside of office hours. The only exception being what needs to be handled is really an emergency. On that, I’ll trust your judgement.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

When am I available next?
I’m available to work full-time from 2. At the moment, I am not taking any part-time engagements.

So, really, what do you do?
I find myself excelling at improving user interfaces and customer experiences. I started out as a front-end developer, and really enjoy this part of my job.
Lately, I’ve scaled myself up to include DevOps and some tools on the back-end. Ultimately, I consider being self-sufficient important. In that light, I’ve been doing Python and more so Django, lately.

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Kelly Kapoor from The Office (US).

I would not say I’m an expert at any single tool — probably the hallmark of a generalist.

How can I contact you?
Ways to reach me are detailed on the ‘elsewhere’ page.

How can I see your resume/CV first?
My resume/CV is available on request. Please drop me an email, and I’ll be happy to provide it! 😊

I’m a non-profit and my budget is limited. Would you be interested?
Yes! I’m interested in providing a better online presence to those who run a non-profit for affirmative action.
If this is you, please feel free to get in touch — I’ll be happy to discuss a cut-rate for my services. I would also be willing to explore technologies and tools I am not familiar with as a way to mutually benefit us through this process.


While these project pages should offer you a decent overview, they are still to be considered a work-in-progress: both the projects themselves and the project pages.

Freelancing in India: A Handbook

A simple and comprehensive guide to start making sense of the legal framework for Indian freelancers.

Smix Eleventy Starter

A starter kit for Eleventy SSG and Forestry CMS/NetlifyCMS, based on gulp v4.

Bill My Pocket

Data-driven static website​ that evaluates whether a regional price for a software subscription is fair in a given country. This is based on the concept of Purchasing Power Parity.


A CMS-of-sorts built on open standards (Micropub & IndieAuth). Bring your own IndieWeb micro-blog and enjoy this lucid publishing interface.

Guest Comments API

A simple, self-hosted Express.js API written in TypeScript for guest comments on my now-defunct static site.


This section is a reverse-chronological story-style write-up of where I have been since I got into tech.


Professionally, I had started a long-term contract late in 2020 as a generalist web developer; this continues to date.

I’m dabbling across the entire stack… front-end, back-end, system administration, and developer operations, and even working across two ecosystems — JavaScript and Python. Currently, my primary project involves Django.

Additionally, I left the IndieWeb and moved back to WordPress early in 2021. This also led me to making Mastodon my primary microblogging endpoint, and while I miss the IndieWeb and its community, I’m happier for my decisions.

I also participated in #100DaysToOffload with 43 posts to my name. After this, I called it a day.


I spent a significant amount of time playing with:


I took up some WordPress projects as I needed a change of scenery, and took some time out to take care of my mental health.

This year, I also joined Fosstodon (a Mastodon community geared towards free and open source software enthusiasts), a small part of a larger, decentralized microblogging network called the Fediverse.

I also began self-hosting a bunch of tools via Docker.

Based on my experiences writing my own static site, I wrote a starter kit for Eleventy called Smix Eleventy Starter. It has seen over 650 unique visitors since I started counting in May 2020. You can see the live statistics/analytics here.

Unrelated, I also authored the first iteration of Bill My Pocket. You can see the live statistics/analytics here.


My journey started me out as a front-end developer with React.js. This was back when ES6 JavaScript Components were a thing.

I spent 17 months working with just the core concepts — no CSS-in-JS and no Redux. We did perfectly well and to be honest, I had a ton of fun working on the UI layer. 🙂

Meanwhile, I put together a handbook for my fellow freelancers in India based on my own experiences. You can also see the live statistics/analytics here.


This was an interesting year, and perhaps my first go at trying to be self-sufficient, and getting a taste of what I later found out I would end up doing full-time.

I started a self-owned web development and web design firm (What?!).

We rendered technical services to societies and individuals in my university. I was responsible for handling customer-facing interaction and contractual negotiations, along with engineering and design tasks.

If this page motivated you to build your own, please let me know. I'll feature it here. 🚀