September 2021 in review.

In this month's review: seeing friends and family again, some news from my day job, and site updates.

Upcoming: a small trip.

I’m heading to the northern part of the country next month, and am really excited about this small trip. It’ll be my first proper travel since… March 2020, basically. It’ll be so nice to see friends and family again.

I have also saved up for it for a long time, so I hope I don’t mind spending it in the hour of want.


Pushed out a huge update to our marketing site. Hitting a near-perfect 100 on Lighthouse now. Especially a big improvement for the blog pages that I am proud of.

I really wanted to take this project on to:

  • Get my employer to look like they belong at the level they are operating at now.
  • Be able to quickly make hiring posts that can act as the single source of truth, instead of relying on third parties.
  • Deliver a culture picture to people not working here (yet).
  • Take complete ownership and deliver something good. Just for my own sake (confidence!).
    • This is the second project I’ll deliver in the timeframe of the last few months. Post this, I expect a bit of hiatus in terms of hard delivery, since the rest of the projects are not so straightforward.
  • Friendlier copy and design updates to bring them from 2015-2019 into 2020-2021.
  • Better SEO on their blog pages. Make it not just machine-friendly, but also human-friendly.

Although I haven’t written any SEO posts on my site (and don’t think I will), I’m also getting exposed to things on that front, and it’s cool to learn both about marketing and SEO.

Meta/site updates.

  • Added my Bandcamp link as well as a couple of sites you can use my referral links at to sign up on.
  • Added a table of contents for longer posts/pages.
  • Updated my uses page (a bit of design updates like featured image, plus some re-organization, plus making sure it’s not too out of date).
  • Continuing to add to my public gratitude journal. πŸ™‚
  • Added a CDN!

Well, that’s it. See you next time!


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