Can you go no-shampoo; does it work? Did it work for me?

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I fully finished watching this video by Johnny Harris a while ago:

Several months ago, I was suspect. This time, though, I sat and watched the whole thing. I feel it is moral to quote the following from his video:

I’m not here to preach what’s right for your scalp; I’m simply telling you what’s right for my scalp.

I decided I’d take this for a spin. I hate shampooing anyway.

Two weeks; roughly.

I did not track this, so I have no start date. I also work from home most of the time, so I’m not a target of the usual air pollution that’s rampant in India. Anyway, here’s what I noticed:

  • My hair was very oily, roughly the first week or so.
  • It got better.
  • It… reached a point where it wouldn’t get any better. It looked a little shabbier compared to when I would shampoo regularly.
  • Taking shower was fun again!

But my hair never seemed event-ready throughout this trial. That’s the kicker. :/

What when I actually shampooed?

I shampooed today, and so that makes it the end date… for now. Here’s what immediately happened:

  • Hair seems soft, even shiny in its own peculiar way.
  • I lost a lot more hair while combing than I ever did with just a water wash. This has me worrying. I’m not even using a dirt cheap product off a supermarket shelf!

In the end.

I might go back to no-shampoo, I think. I miss enjoying showers, and I definitely don’t want to lose a whole bunch of hair twice or thrice a week for no good reason other than looking “nice.”


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