A brief history.

TyChi and I started a Hometown community in September 2020. This was funded by the both of us as well as Nicholas soon after.

Over the years, Xavi and Andy have provided us with the financial support to carry on. Kev has even provided free hosting for our WordPress based blog for a very long time! (now shut down)

There have been a few anonymous donors as well whom I obviously cannot name here.

More recently, Mathilde and clic2000 have been both funding the monthly costs and single-handedly managing the server.

To all of you, I am so grateful because you’ve all supported this by your own choice. 💛

A note on our size.

We are tiny, and we intend to stay tiny/small. Well, why? There’s a few reasons:

  • Less hassle to moderate for the admins/moderators who do this work in their free time.
  • Affordable monthly server costs equals longevity. We want to be around for a while.
  • Everyone feels more comfortable because the community avoids spam accounts and trolls. We try to suspend/limit servers before they become a hassle.

Why, at all.

Briefly, SmallCamp uses a slightly modified version of Mastodon, called Hometown. Darius Kazemi maintains Hometown, and I happily donate $20/year to Darius so the software sees continued support and development.
Hometown lets you and me only talk to people within the community.

We are a community that offers a safe space for people to share their personal lives online (again). Social media doesn’t have to be about only showing the best of you, all the time. Find support and community for your struggles – small and big. We are a queer-friendly server, and in general, welcoming to anyone less privileged.

How you use SmallCamp is up to you. Many people often post by default as followers-only, whereas some use public and unlisted. Our local timeline isn’t the talk of the town, and that’s okay. Remember, for us, safety trumps visibility.

Could I join?

Our goal is to add only 1 or 2 members in a year, and never exceed about 10 active members in total.

We are currently accepting one new member.

We are currently not accepting new members due to moderation capacity and community-building constraints.

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