About Miniflux, a superb feed reader.

Recently, Kev messaged to ask where my article full of praise for Miniflux was. While I have spoken highly of it on Fosstodon itself, I realized I haven’t done so here. Well… here goes.

I’m moving from Atom to RSS 2.0 feeds.

Intriuged by the ‘Comments’ links I kept seeing on some entries in my feed reader, I added one for my articles. In the process, I moved to RSS 2.0 feeds. Here’s why and my thoughts on the move.

Feed changes

Just a quick announcement: I have added likes, replies, reposts and RSVPs to my microblog. My all-content feed (the one you likely follow from within your RSS reader) contains all of this. Despite this change, I do not think this feed will get overwhelming given how infrequently I post. Anything that is not an article … Read more