Celestial update

Another design overhaul for Celestial this weekend, along with a deployment outside of Heroku. Hopefully everything works well; there didn’t seem to be any errors from my unit-tests (they only go so far!)


Test note to check if an internal refactor caused any issues or not.

Automated link checker in Celestial.

Quick update on writing a feature for Celestial that I wanted for a really long time – an automated link checker.


I open up about dealing with perfectionism while working on a side-project, Celestial.

Trying Svelte

Added a live character count on Celestial today using #Svelte. For media upload, I may switch from #React to Svelte and handle uploads entirely by hand. Svelte’s selling point is its ability to be compiled into vanilla JS for the browser to simply execute – I like this idea!

New feeds structure

I’ve finally started dogfooding Celestial! Yay! My thoughts page is now archived. If you already subscribe to my earlier one-and-only feed, you will see both notes and articles. If you’d like to change this, just unsubscribe from the all-content feed and opt in to the articles feed. Maybe you also want to see my notes … Read more