May 2021 in review.

Pink, lilac flowers in a clear vase, on a blue-ish background.

A look back at my May. Sorry, I can’t be bothered with a nicer excerpt. ✨️

Shutting down my Gitea server.

After moving back to GitHub, I had decided to keep my Gitea server up as a fallback. Unfortunately, that’s not going to work.

Moving back to GitHub.

I started self-hosting a gitea instance a few months ago — and now I’m moving back to GitHub. Here’s why.

DroneCI and Gitea

Hmm… in today’s discouraging news, DroneCI does not recommend hosting it and Gitea on the same server using Docker. I guess I’ll stick with Vercel for now, then.

GitHub to Codeberg to… Gitea?

Quick thoughts on why I set up a Gitea server of my own and if it’s time to look to more open/standards-based collaboration tools.