Automatic blogroll.

For several months now, I have delayed making my blogroll automatic. One of the argument levelled at blogrolls is that they are tedious to maintain. I agree, and wanted to take some effort out of this process. In July 2020, Jan automated his blogroll — and this validated the idea in my head. Now, my … Read more

Feed changes

Just a quick announcement: I have added likes, replies, reposts and RSVPs to my microblog. My all-content feed (the one you likely follow from within your RSS reader) contains all of this. Despite this change, I do not think this feed will get overwhelming given how infrequently I post. Anything that is not an article … Read more

New feeds structure

I’ve finally started dogfooding Celestial! Yay! My thoughts page is now archived. If you already subscribe to my earlier one-and-only feed, you will see both notes and articles. If you’d like to change this, just unsubscribe from the all-content feed and opt in to the articles feed. Maybe you also want to see my notes … Read more