Inspired by Duncan McDougall's site, I de­cided to pub­lished a pub­lic To-Do list for this site. Although far less de­scrip­tive than a blog post, I hope to find that this keeps me ac­count­able in a dif­fer­ent way.

This past January, I had writ­ten a lengthy ar­ti­cle on the set of changes I had made to my site in September of last year. After a hia­tus, I have been hard at work pick­ing up that process and bring­ing more pol­ish to my site.


This check­list was last re-eval­u­ated on 14 June 2020.

  • Self-host font: Host font lo­cally, re­move re­quest to Google Fonts
  • Blog
    • An au­to­mated so­lu­tion for table of con­tents
    • Search for terms across all posts
      • DuckDuckGo site search?
    • Line high­light­ing in code blocks
  • Consider con­tent li­cens­ing

Resources & Thoughts

  • I love the abil­ity to write my own tags, fil­ters, and short­codes in eleventy.
  • Abdelrahman Awad has a very TailwindCSS-compliant method de­tailed in this ar­ti­cle for im­ple­ment­ing dark-mode.
  • Duncan McDougall ap­pears to have a won­der­ful guide for im­ple­ment­ing a client-side blog search on eleventy.
  • Duncan, yet again, has a straight­for­ward guide to set­ting up a sitemap.xml.
  • While there are ex­ist­ing so­lu­tions for get­ting a Table of Contents in eleventy, I'm not con­vinced by them. See 11ty's plu­g­ins page - every so­lu­tion re­quires mod­i­fy­ing the mark­down con­tent it­self.
  • For the sloped de­sign, Kilian Valkhof has a good ar­ti­cle.
  • Hosting the font lo­cally trans­lates into less track­ing, fewer re­mote re­quests (3 be­fore vs 0-3 now), and faster page loads should the vis­i­tor al­ready have the font in­stalled on their de­vice.

This page was last up­dated on 14 June 2020.