I’m trying out BunnyCDN.

Kev recently posted about Core Web Vitals and WordPress.

Frankly, since moving to WP, I haven’t put any effort into speed. I didn’t care much, to be honest, about a couple of seconds.

Finally, I decided to sign up for BunnyCDN.

Measuring performance.

Of course Kev’s blog post motivated me to check my PageSpeed insights and the two biggest bottlenecks were:

  • Request chaining: The font was requested from within a CSS file.
  • Initial server response time: Just bad; terrible for mobile.

I self-host this site, so that’s understandable re: the server response time — 2 to 3 seconds for desktop, and about 8 seconds for mobile.

Coming out on the better end.

After hooking things up (integration with WordPress was super-easy with their plugin), and even making use of their storage box with replication, my server response time is <1s for both desktop and mobile. All this shows beyond the numbers – pages feel fast… incredibly fast.

A screengrab from Google's PageSpeed insights, showing my website's URL to be analyzed, and a score of 100 in a green circle.
Sometimes I even score a 100 for desktop!

Taking this opportunity to have my favorite font back is also a cherry on the top.

Hopefully, the kind of traffic I get doesn’t make a big hit on my card. While it looks cheap on the tin, I am after all paying in USD while earning in INR. Nothing is cheap!

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