Things I use, host, and man­age.

You may be in­ter­ested in read­ing about my site. This page is a suc­cint overview of the tools I use, man­age, and self-host.

Primary Computer & Development

I try to use open-source where pos­si­ble. As such, you'll no­tice this theme not just through my tools, but also in the fol­low­ing sec­tions.


I self-host on Hetzner, an ex­cel­lent VPS provider. I do this as a way to have more free­dom and con­trol over my own data, as well as to cater to my per­sonal-pro­fes­sional needs.

The server runs Ubuntu on top of which I in­stalled Docker. Using Docker and docker-com­pose, writ­ing the build files (Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml) where nec­es­sary, I run the fol­low­ing apps/​tools. They are ac­ces­si­ble be­hind a re­verse proxy man­aged with Caddy.

My do­main is con­fig­ured on a sep­a­rate do­main reg­is­trar.

  • Miniflux - Miniflux is a min­i­mal­ist and opin­ion­ated feed reader.”
  • linkd­ing - Self-hosted book­mark ser­vice”
  • Indiekit- An IndieWeb pub­lish­ing toolkit”
  • Guest Comments API - A sim­ple Express API writ­ten in TypeScript for guest com­ments on my sta­tic site @ rus­”
  • Nextcloud - Regain con­trol. The self-hosted pro­duc­tiv­ity plat­form that keeps you in con­trol.”
  • Verdaccio - A light­weight open source pri­vate npm proxy reg­istry.”


For var­i­ous rea­sons, in­clud­ing be­ing lazy (let's be hon­est), I am yet to get around to self-host­ing the fol­low­ing tools.

  • Plausible an­a­lyt­ics - Plausible is a light­weight and open-source web­site an­a­lyt­ics tool. It doesn’t use cook­ies and is fully com­pli­ant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.”
  • Lufi - Lufi means Let's Upload that FIle. It's a E2E en­crypted file shar­ing soft­ware.”
  • XMPP - XMPP is the open stan­dard for mes­sag­ing and pres­ence. XMPP pow­ers emerg­ing tech­nolo­gies like IoT, WebRTC, and so­cial. No one owns XMPP. It's free and open for every­one since 1999.”
  • Celestial - A Micropub client for an av­er­age user opt­ing in to the IndieWeb.” (far from ready…)

Raspberry Pi

I do own a Raspberry Pi 4. Currently, it doesn't do much. I've com­mit­ted to set­ting up some­thing like Foldingathome to help in the ef­forts to­wards a COVID-19 vac­cine.


  • SmallCamp - We, quite sim­ply, are a safe space. A larger goal is to be­come a place for you and your friends to feel com­fort­able not just show­ing your uber pos­i­tive high­light reel, but also talk about per­sonal, of­ten dif­fi­cult, con­tent that other plat­forms tend to pe­nal­ize.”

This page was last up­dated on 24 November 2020.