In short, I support a healthy internet and try to do what I can to pay my dues. Here’s some of the things I’m doing to bring more balance, and hopefully, this inspires you to do the same!

Open protocols and decentralization.

I use XMPP for instant messaging. I do, admittedly, use other centralized protocols, but some progress is progress all the same.

For microblogging, I use ActivityPub based software — Mastodon as well as Hometown. These are, loosely, alternatives to Twitter.

My blog itself has RSS feeds that you can follow anywhere, and read everything in full. No questions asked. No tracking. You decide how this works. Laura Kalbag has an amazing introduction to what this all means.

Financially support other projects.

My donations to date include:

Daniele Varrazzo (author of psycopg)₹15020 May 2022
Pixelfed$5/year6 May 2022 — Present
Darius Kazemi for Hometown$10/year6 May 2022 — Present
Snikket$20/year6 May 2022 — Present
Snikket$3/month31 March 2022 — 30 May 2022
tooot€5February 2022
Jazzband$5January 2022
Snikket$1December 2021
Small Technology Foundation€2November 2021
elementary OS$2August 2021
Alain (author of Planner)₹160May 2021
Patrick Goldinger (author of FlorisBoard)₹150April 2021
Matthias Pfefferle (author of a WordPress ActivityPub plugin)₹150March 2021
Dino₹150March 2021

However, I realize that I am not so privileged in the grand scheme of things and so only sparingly donate to projects since June 2021.

A safe space to talk.

TyChi and I run a nascent Hometown community named SmallCamp.

A community that offers a safe space for people to share their personal lives online (again). Social media doesn’t have to be about only showing the best of you, all the time. Find support and community for your struggles – small and big.

SmallCamp’s about page, retrieved 2022-03-09.

It is paired with a low-footprint WordPress blog.

Be responsible to all users.

As a developer, I have tremendous control in things I work on, over what you as a user see. I try and find a balance, where possible, with just semantic & accessible HTML as well as CSS. JavaScript, then, becomes a sprinkling on top.

This is a big reason why I’m not yet on the Amazon Web Services and a front-end heavy architecture hype-train. I am upskilling myself in a monolith such as Django instead! Rails or Laravel or even Phoenix are equally good projects. They offer an experience accessible to everyone across the globe — not just those with powerful computing devices.