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My journey so far -- and how you & I can further it together.

Notable projects

Celestial (⭐ 32)

A CMS-of-sorts built on open standards (Micropub & IndieAuth). Bring your own IndieWeb micro-blog and publish easily. ⚠ Work in progress.

Guest Comments API (⭐ 3)

A simple, self-hosted Express.js API written in TypeScript for guest comments on my static site. Yes, this very one!

My home on the web

My site is a pretty complex piece that has accumulated a lot of talking points over the years.

Hiring me

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Ru has been an integral part of our development team, working tirelessly for excellence. She has proven her ability to think of best practice as well as applying herself as a developer and as to what is best for the user when reviewing UX and UI. She is accurate with her timings and thorough with her questioning to make sure what she is working on is correct first time and really embeds herself into the project goals. Oh and as for her work, it's fantastic! She's a great asset to have on the team!

Write me an email

If you have a default email client of choice set on your device (such a Gmail or Apple Mail), you can simply click the email address. If not, go ahead and click the Copy button instead.


What do I write in the email?

Including the following information would be helpful to me, although is not necessary. There's no form to fill -- write how you feel it is best written! 😉

  • Your name
  • Your company name: Ideally, please provide a link to its website, if one exists.
  • Expected project duration: Ideally, please specify this in weeks or months.
  • Team project: Yes or no. Whether this is a project where I'll be expected to work on a team with other developers, or all by myself.
  • About your project: A quick, informal introduction to your project before we have an exploratory chat.

May I see your resume/CV first?

My resume/CV will be made available on request. Drop me an email and I'll be happy to provide it! 😊

I'm a non-profit and my budget is limited. Would you be interested?

Yes! I'm interested in providing a better online presence to those who run a non-profit in the domain of:

  • public policy,
  • gender equality, and,
  • anything that benefits or implements the principles of democracy.

If this is you, please feel free to get in touch -- I'll be happy to discuss a cut-rate for my services. I would also be willing to explore technologies and tools I am not familiar with as a way to mutually benefit us.

When am I available next?

I'm available to work full-time from .

At the moment, however, I am available for part-time (~10-12 hours/week) engagements.