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My jour­ney so far — and how you & I can fur­ther it to­gether.

Notable pro­jects


Celestial (⭐ 32)

A CMS-of-sorts built on open stan­dards (Micropub & IndieAuth). Bring your own IndieWeb mi­cro-blog and pub­lish eas­ily. ⚠ Work in progress.

Guest Comments API (⭐ 3)

A sim­ple, self-hosted Express.js API writ­ten in TypeScript for guest com­ments on my sta­tic site. Yes, this very one!

My home on the web

My site is a pretty com­plex piece that has ac­cu­mu­lated a lot of talk­ing points over the years.

Hiring me

See what oth­ers are say­ing

Ru has been an in­te­gral part of our de­vel­op­ment team, work­ing tire­lessly for ex­cel­lence. She has proven her abil­ity to think of best prac­tice as well as ap­ply­ing her­self as a de­vel­oper and as to what is best for the user when re­view­ing UX and UI. She is ac­cu­rate with her tim­ings and thor­ough with her ques­tion­ing to make sure what she is work­ing on is cor­rect first time and re­ally em­beds her­self into the pro­ject goals. Oh and as for her work, it's fan­tas­tic! She's a great as­set to have on the team!

Write me an email

If you have a de­fault email client of choice set on your de­vice (such a Gmail or Apple Mail), you can sim­ply click the email ad­dress. If not, go ahead and click the Copy but­ton in­stead.


What do I write in the email?

Including the fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion would be help­ful to me, al­though is not nec­es­sary. There's no form to fill — write how you feel it is best writ­ten! 😉

  • Your name
  • Your com­pany name: Ideally, please pro­vide a link to its web­site, if one ex­ists.
  • Expected pro­ject du­ra­tion: Ideally, please spec­ify this in weeks or months.
  • Team pro­ject: Yes or no. Whether this is a pro­ject where I'll be ex­pected to work on a team with other de­vel­op­ers, or all by my­self.
  • About your pro­ject: A quick, in­for­mal in­tro­duc­tion to your pro­ject be­fore we have an ex­ploratory chat.

May I see your re­sume/​CV first?

My re­sume/​CV will be made avail­able on re­quest. Drop me an email and I'll be happy to pro­vide it! 😊

I'm a non-profit and my bud­get is lim­ited. Would you be in­ter­ested?

Yes! I'm in­ter­ested in pro­vid­ing a bet­ter on­line pres­ence to those who run a non-profit in the do­main of:

  • pub­lic pol­icy,
  • gen­der equal­ity, and,
  • any­thing that ben­e­fits or im­ple­ments the prin­ci­ples of democ­racy.

If this is you, please feel free to get in touch — I'll be happy to dis­cuss a cut-rate for my ser­vices. I would also be will­ing to ex­plore tech­nolo­gies and tools I am not fa­mil­iar with as a way to mu­tu­ally ben­e­fit us.

When am I avail­able next?

I'm avail­able to work full-time from . I am cur­rently avail­able for part-time (~10-12 hours/​week) en­gage­ments.