Role: Author

Duration: 🐢 Ongoing

Tools Used/Explored: Express.js, TypeScript, Jest, Docker, Svelte, Redis

Repository: Link

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Own your blog, and take back the web.

  • Publish an ar­ti­cle or a note.
  • Send a re­ply.
  • Like or re­post con­tent pub­lished else­where.
  • Upload pho­tos or videos.
  • Create events.
  • RSVP to oth­ers' events.

About IndieWeb and Micropub

The IndieWeb is a move­ment to de­cen­tral­ize the so­cial web.

The Micropub pro­to­col is used to cre­ate, up­date and delete posts on one's own do­main us­ing third-party clients. Web apps and na­tive apps (e.g., iPhone, Android) can use Micropub to post and edit ar­ti­cles, short notes, com­ments, likes, pho­tos, events or other kinds of posts on your own web­site.

Micropub spec­i­fi­ca­tion

You may view the full Micropub spec­i­fi­ca­tion here.


I am build­ing this Micropub client with a few goals in mind:

  • Be as spec-com­pli­ant as pos­si­ble.
  • Look good and sup­port mod­ern fea­tures such as sys­tem-based dark mode and re­duced mo­tion pref­er­ence.
  • Make self-host­ing as easy as con­fig­ur­ing en­vi­ron­ment vari­ables fol­lowed by docker-compose up.
  • Make IndieWeb ac­ces­si­ble to less tech­ni­cally in­clined folks.
  • To make some­thing use­ful for my­self and oth­ers while I fig­ure out and learn back­end con­tent.

⭐ If you'd like to show me some sup­port, please star the pro­ject. 🥰

🚄 You may track the progress for v1.0.