Integrity Unit by Quest

Agency: Mediablaze Group London

Role: WordPress Developer

Duration: Short Term/Project Completion


A hand-coded ground-up theme for use with WordPress, cre­ated from de­signs pro­vided through Zeplin.


This was a chal­leng­ing pro­ject in cer­tain ways:

  • We found out that a pop­u­lar WordPress plu­gin by de­fault did not al­low use of the redirect_to pa­ra­me­ter in cer­tain cases. After ex­plor­ing all op­tions, I de­cided the best course of ac­tion was to open a pull re­quest to re­solve this.
    • Through this process, I also learned how to cre­ate a cus­tom fil­ter in WordPress –- an in­cred­i­bly sim­ple task, sur­pris­ingly.
  • Having found much joy with lftp on my per­sonal tasks, it came in handy with cer­tain parts of the de­ploy process and was doc­u­mented in the pro­ject docs.
  • A ba­sic user in­ter­face was re­quested for cer­tain ad­min­is­tra­tive tasks. I learned of WP_List_Table but a prag­matic de­ci­sion was taken to not use an in­ter­nal WordPress class specif­i­cally marked as pri­vate and un­de­sir­able for plu­gin/​theme use. Longetivity was of im­por­tance!

    This class's ac­cess is marked as pri­vate. That means it is not in­tended for use by plu­gin and theme de­vel­op­ers as it is sub­ject to change with­out warn­ing in any fu­ture WordPress re­lease. If you would still like to make use of the class, you should make a copy to use and dis­trib­ute with your own pro­ject, or else use it at your own risk.

  • As an added bonus, I learned of far too many PHP's and WordPress' in-built func­tions - rang­ing from op­er­a­tions on ar­rays to work­ing on $_REQUEST su­per­glob­als, or rawurlencode/rawurldecode for a JavaScript com­pat­i­ble (decodeURI/encodeURI) URL han­dling, or in the case of WordPress, very handy func­tions such as trailingslashit/untrailingslashit or de­bug­ging func­tions such as error_log.
  • The CSS frame­work used was up­graded to a more re­cent but pro­ject-con­straint-com­pat­i­ble re­lease in the build process em­ployed.