Integrity Unit by Quest


WordPress Developer


Short Term/Project Completion




A hand-coded ground-up theme for use with WordPress, created from designs provided through Zeplin.


This was a challenging project in many ways.

  • Independently planned and executed sprints using a kanban board (Trello) for full transparency.
  • Contributed to a popular open-source plugin while serving a client request for handling logged-in browser redirects.
  • Ensured framework-compliance by opting for WordPress’ in-built functions as much as possible.
  • Evaluated options and developed simple view pages limited to administrator and editor roles for viewing user submissions.
  • Got up to speed with PHP and WordPress' in-built functions - ranging from
    • operations on arrays to working on $_REQUEST superglobals, or,
    • rawurlencode/rawurldecode for a JavaScript compatible (decodeURI/encodeURI) URL handling, or,
    • handy WP functions such as trailingslashit/untrailingslashit, and debugging functions such as error_log, or,
    • how to create a custom filter in WordPress --- an incredibly simple task, surprisingly.