Speedo On


No longer available from July/August 2020 onwards


Front-end/React Developer


Long Term




A hybrid web-app built from the ground-up for swimmers of all ages and levels.

Notable Contributions

Apart from run-of-the-mill responsibilities of a front-end developer, following are some highlights I was a part of with the project:

  • Significantly improved developer productivity

    • by reducing incremental JS bundle build times from over 40 seconds to under 4 seconds, an improvement of ~90%
  • Built a React-powered input which responds to @mentions on the fly.

    • Smartly fitlers and displays a list of suggestions.
    • User profiles are linked to when @mentioned in a published comment.
  • Built a React-powered date-of-birth field that automagically takes care of the separator in the field - / - leaving the user with a pleasant and quick experience

  • Focused on user experience by suggesting and working on improvements:

    • standardized action buttons' behaviour across the webapp
    • built loading indicators within action button to gently inform users of progress in real-time (perceived performance)
    • displayed helpful info messages to users where none were in place
    • fixed tiny non-uniformities in the UI as much as possible
  • Proactively reported bugs and worked on fixes to improve app stability and predictability for the user

    • included some cross-browser fixes for Mozilla Firefox
  • Introduced unit-testing to the project