Speedo On


No longer avail­able from July/August 2020 on­wards


Front-end/React Developer


Long Term




A hy­brid web-app built from the ground-up for swim­mers of all ages and lev­els.

Notable Contributions

Apart from run-of-the-mill re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of a front-end de­vel­oper, fol­low­ing are some high­lights I was a part of with the pro­ject:

  • Significantly im­proved de­vel­oper pro­duc­tiv­ity

    • by re­duc­ing in­cre­men­tal JS bun­dle build times from over 40 sec­onds to un­der 4 sec­onds, an im­prove­ment of ~90%
  • Built a React-powered in­put which re­sponds to @mentions on the fly.

    • Smartly fitlers and dis­plays a list of sug­ges­tions.
    • User pro­files are linked to when @mentioned in a pub­lished com­ment.
  • Built a React-powered date-of-birth field that au­tomag­i­cally takes care of the sep­a­ra­tor in the field - / - leav­ing the user with a pleas­ant and quick ex­pe­ri­ence

  • Focused on user ex­pe­ri­ence by sug­gest­ing and work­ing on im­prove­ments:

    • stan­dard­ized ac­tion but­tons' be­hav­iour across the we­bapp
    • built load­ing in­di­ca­tors within ac­tion but­ton to gen­tly in­form users of progress in real-time (perceived per­for­mance)
    • dis­played help­ful info mes­sages to users where none were in place
    • fixed tiny non-uni­for­mi­ties in the UI as much as pos­si­ble
  • Proactively re­ported bugs and worked on fixes to im­prove app sta­bil­ity and pre­dictabil­ity for the user

    • in­cluded some cross-browser fixes for Mozilla Firefox
  • Introduced unit-test­ing to the pro­ject