A screenshot from my Terminal showcasing the utility in action.




A cou­ple of days

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Tools Used/Explored

  • Ruby


If I haven't read some­thing in the pre­ced­ing month, it's un­likely I ever will. Miniflux doesn't of­fer an archive op­tion so we mark en­tries as read in­stead. All it re­ally does is of­fer me a saner overview of unread” items at the top.

As is usu­ally the case for me, I wanted to build some­thing mean­ing­ful as I pick up Ruby again. This was a small use-case that was a good first chal­lenge to tackle.

The code is ad­mit­tedly not per­fect. I wel­come any con­struc­tive crit­i­cism or feed­back, more so if you are a Ruby en­thu­si­ast.


  • Uses to­ken au­then­ti­ca­tion
  • Supports cloud and self-hosted Miniflux apps
  • Configurable num­ber of days be­fore which to mark items as read
  • Resumes mark­ing as read if in­ter­rupted


  • Get com­fort­able with Ruby's syn­tax
  • Work with Class, Module, dotenv etc.
  • Work with JSON
  • Work with Ruby's File API
  • Interact with an API us­ing an HTTP li­brary