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Tools Used/Explored

  • Eleventy
  • mi­cro­for­mats2
  • LiquidJS
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

♥ Eleventy 0.11.0.

  • Date fil­ters for a friendly ver­sion such as 10 March 2020, and ISO8601 (also RFC822 com­pat­i­ble)
  • getUrl short­code sim­i­lar to Jekyll's post_url and link liq­uid tags
  • Custom ren­der­ing en­gine for HTML files - Liquid v9
    • Adds sup­port for miss­ing fil­ters such as where and im­proves per­for­mance

💁Indie pub­lish­ing and read­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

mi­cro­for­mats2 sup­port for h-card, h-entry, and h-feed out of the box. Your friends can fol­low you on IndieWeb read­ers. Sign in us­ing your web­site.

🛋 Preconfigured for Forestry CMS.

  • Sign up, log in, look for the Deploy admin op­tion.
  • Everything else is set up for you al­ready. 🙂

👩‍💻 Modern JavaScript.

  • Transpilation via Babel:
    • Support for ES2015 JavaScript syn­tax.
    • Support for ES2017 async/await syn­tax.
  • Module bundling via Browserify.

🎨 PostCSS.

  • Includes: im­ports, nest­ing, purge, mini­fi­ca­tion, au­to­pre­fixer.
  • TailwindCSS, con­fig­ured to strip out un­used classes from pro­duc­tion builds.
  • Easily build a dark mode us­ing the in­cluded dm screen type: dm:bg-gray-900.

🔍 Optimized for SEO & dis­cov­er­abil­ity.

  • Meta tags for so­cial net­works (Open Graph/Twitter).
  • Sitemap with changeFrequency; robots.txt (please also see is­sue #7)
  • An Atom feed with sup­port for both published and updated dates on ar­ti­cles.
  • Support for content-description meta tag.

📖 A sane fonts setup.

  • The font-sans class is con­fig­ured to use sys­tem-de­fault fonts.
  • Include fonts lo­cally for en­hanced pri­vacy of your vis­i­tors.
  • typeset for pro­fes­sional look­ing con­tent.

😎 Other cool stuff you should git your hands on.

  • Minified as­sets on pro­duc­tion.
  • Prettier and ed­i­tor­con­fig.
  • Modular gulp task files for easy con­fig­u­ra­tion and mod­i­fi­ca­tion.